RF LED Silent Disco Wireless Headphone RF998

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RF LED Silent Disco Wireless Headphone RF998

RF LED Silent Disco Wireless Headphone RF998 (HI-Fi Audio Quality)


RF998 belongs to our NEWEST HI-FI silent disco system. Actually, HI-FI system is the fruit of our engineers' 2 years hard work, most advanced, globally unique in silent disco field, technology-patented, we convince, you will love them after you try; moreover, they will greatly help your business expansion.


Main Features:

1. Wireless Headphone with 863Mhz/865Mhz ISM Band, or customer frequency

        2. Transmitter suitable for any audio device with 3.5mm jack audio output or RCA output, like Mixer, PC, CD/DVD/TV/PC etc

3. Transmit audio signal about 500M, through walls, floors and ceilings.

4. Active noise reduction system for crystal clear sound

5. Phase-Lock Loop (PLL) technology locks in frequency to prevent signal loss

6. Shock-resistant, robust metal Headband

7. Wireless transmitter is also the headphones' charging dock

8. Big-size luxurious and superior comfortable ear pads, isolating against noise with a tight seal that improves sound quality and helps  supply our brilliant bass

9. Auto mute and automatic shut-off after 10 minutes of no signal detection, conserve battery life

10. Endless headphones can be used simultaneously with one transmitter

11. 3.5mm auxiliary jack for audio input like Ipad/Pod, MP3 etc


• RF wireless stereo silent disco/ DJ headphone 

• Working distance: 50~500M (3600)

• With Double or three chanel

• Double PLL system for ultimate frequency stability

• One transmitter pair with several headphones

• Build-in mylar speaker for virtual surround sound

• CE/ROHS/ERP/FCC Approval



Silent disco, DJ, TV,DVD, DC,computer, PSD, MP3,CELLPHONE


UHF/RF headphones

Channel separation:


Frequency band(Hz):

20 - 18 000 Hz


Headphone: Rechargeable 600mAh lithium battery ;

Transmitter: 220V DC 12V 150mA 50 Hz

S/N ratio: