HI-FI Two-Channel IR Listening System (Signal Coverage 9000 Square Feet)

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HI-FI Two-Channel IR Listening System (Signal Coverage 9000 Square Feet)

Two-Channel IR Wireless Transmitter/Receiver System

This easy-to-use IR Wireless Transmitter/Receiver system ensures participants in a conference room, courtroom, classroom or other mid-sized venue receive direct, clear communication of your message without sacrificing security and privacy. It’s definitely an ideal solution for .hearing assistance, simultaneous language interpretation, audio description or private listening applications, like conference meetings, classrooms, lecture halls, theaters, churches, auditoriums, function rooms as well as noisy factories etc.

This two-channel infrared listening system provides up to 900 square meters of coverage in single-channel mode (with our professional Infrared headphones) and supports an additional emitter for additional coverage area. Placing additional slaves in the same room increases coverage and enhances freedom of movement.


The transmitter features both dual RCA and a mic input. It is a two-channel unit for transmitting up to two different languages or programs.

The receiver is a two-channel (selectable) infrared headphone. Use as many as required with a single IR transmitter.